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Key Modules

Get to know the Venture Platform

Module 1: Discovery Co-PilotWork with serial entrepreneurs and benefit from GoGroups proven tools for your ideation & evaluation
Module 2: Dedicated Innovation SquadsAmplify your innovation unit by a team of functional professionals that can build PoCs quickly and validate them.
Module 3: Dedicated Venture TeamsOnce you identify a promising venture or product idea, a distinct dedicated team builds and scales your venture (or product) with you all the way.

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Why GoGroup?

Your Benefits

We are unique. Here is how that helps you.

Driven by entrepreneurs

We have started multiple businesses before and we are constantly starting new businesses through our own venture studio. You profit from people thinking like entrepreneurs, not like consultants.

Only full-time team members

We believe in the power of working with committed and motivated people. Therefore our entire team consists of full time team members instead of freelance contributors with limited buy-in.

Full Focus

Our team members are concentrated on one opportunity with full focus. We build up digital products and ventures throughout the entire journey together with our partners.

Long-term aligned incentives

We are only successful when you are. Hence all incentives are structured in a way that we grow together over time instead of trying to sell you expensive projects in the beginning.

Global Talent Pool

We have access to a global talent pool of 5.000+ pre-vetted candidates across different functions. Depending on your ventures' needs, we hire the right team for you to scale.

Plug & Play Setup

Despite having a global reach, the venture platform makes things easy for you. By providing a proven global legal infrastructure, you can focus on building your venture instad of admin.
Startups launched
Teams Built
Success Rate
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"We have built our technology team with GoGroup since we started building our company. It has proven to be one of our best decisions.“ 
Julius GerhardFounder @ Trustspace


Frequently asked questions answered

How are you different from a company/venture builder?

A typical company/venture builder creates ventures with their own team of specialists, often resulting in a massive loss of talent when the venture is passed on. With the GoGroup Venture Platform, your team remains the same from the start and no transition or rehiring is necessary. The individuals who build the expertise and the foundation will also be the ones to grow your business.

How are you different from an agency?

Agencies are very niche. They are either focused on the technology aspect or the marketing aspect. The teams that you build through the GoGroup Venture Platform have a startup mentality at heart. They deeply care about the product, show a lot of ownership and keep in mind the business side as well.

What kind of teams can I build with you?

We are covering all digital functions. From Product Management and Development, to Marketing and Design, AI or Data.

What is the execution gap?

This is specific to corporate venturing. In corporate venturing, there is usually a trap in which corporate venturing units spend a lot of their time on ideation, validation and building PoC, but they lack the knowledge and execution power to turn these into a real venture. The good corporate venture units successfully crossed the gap multiple times and built great companies. Most haven't.

How do you increase my startups chances for success?

Building a startup is hard. At the same time there is a lot of learning you get from having done it before. We have been involved in the buildup of 30+ ventures and made tons of learnings along the way. We know how to build a scalable product that customers need and want. At the same time the goGroup Venture Platform gives you the infrastructure and processes that have proven to be successful.

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