Build your venture in one of our venture studios

From VC-funded to Bootstrapped to Exit-Focused.

Pre-vetted venture ideas
Broad industry network
Strong fundraising network
Founder ecosystem
Active partner on your side
Experience from 30+ ventures
Venture Platform for smooth execution

Our Studios

We are building ventures for different purposes. Which one are you?

business suitcase workExit-FocusedGoal: Sell within 2-5 years
For our Exit-focused ventures we concentrate our energy on specific industries with high M&A activity. In these industries, we partner with industry experts to identify under-the-radar opportunities with a validated need. The general goal is to build ventures that can become attractvie M&A targets within 2-5 years.
finance money cityVC-FocusedGoal: Unicorn IPO
For our VC-focused ventures we identify huge opportunities that require an external cash-need. We then build and execute together with founders. From time to time we will go into fundraising - first from angels then from VCs. The ultimate goal is to build unicorn companies through strong growth on predictable economics.
happy celebrateBootstrappedBuild Profitable Business
For our bootstrapped companies cash is king. Together with founders we identify niche, under-the-radar opportunities to build predictable cash-machines. It sounds easy, but is probably the hardest type of business to build, but also the most rewarding in the long term.
"Founding together with GoGroup is like entrepreneurship on steroids. The wealth of experience makes everything so much faster."
Max-Gerhard SchulteGoParts

Pre-vetted ideas

We are constantly on the lookout for new promising business opportunities. Through our rigorous selection process we pre-select the most promising ones for you.

Broad industry network

Our broad network of industry experts helps us to get reliable insights quickly as well as access to decision makers and shapers for various industries.

Founder ecosystem

Sharing an office with other driven entrepreneurs not only gives you additional drive and energy but also fosters an exchange that helps everyone involved.

Strong fundraising network

Whenever necessary we have access to experienced business angels as well as VC funds across stages - from pre-seed to growth capital.

Active partner

Have a partner by your side that doesn't just do lip service but actually works with you hands on across different functions depending on your needs.

Tech & business backbone

Build and scale your teams through our dedicated venture teams. Get access to the best global talent working on a full time basis to realise your idea.
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