Enabling the access to massive opportunities


Working at GoGroup means

Growth Opportunity

You get to work with high growth product companies from the early days. Getting in on the ground floor means that you will learn much faster and broader compared to "normal" opportunities. You will also have peers and mentors from your own and other GoGroup companies, who you can learn from to accelerate your growth

Great Culture

We value, preserve and continuously improve our culture. We believe that everyone at GoGroup is in this together. GoGroup welcomes you with an open environment which encourages you to collaborate and express yourself with colleagues who are as amazing as you are. We don't erect ineffective barriers and restrictions.

Fulfilling Work

With our companies we are solving big challenges. This means that you will also get to work on interesting technologies and a broad range of topics. This is rounded up with a driven peer group ready to tackle anything and to help each other succeed.

Technologies we work with

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We are hiring

Apply directly for an open position of your choice, or contact us via email at hr@gogroup.co.

Our values

People First

People are at the core of everything we do. All opportunities start with people and all decisions start with people. We make sure our teams are always taken care of, and are able to balance their work and personal life.

Continuous Learning

As we grow, we want you to grow too. Therefore, we invest in the development of both our teams and each individual team member. Our team leads are great mentors, and we offer learning opportunities to all our employees.

Long Term Thinking

We all share a passion for speed in our execution. At the same time our focus is on the long term. We want to make sure we are successful and happy together in the long-term.
Products Built
Glassdoor Rating

Life at GoGroup

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Our founding partners

1635151114629.jpegNico Weiler
1518216513505.jpegSascha Weiler
IMG_3190.JPGShishir Goel

Tech Insights

Our team's expression on technology


Are you a product company, a services company or a consultancy?

We are none of the above. We build technology products for new ventures that we launch with new founders and for our partners.

For our ventures, we are involved from day 0. We finalize an idea, bring in the founders, test the product market fit, raise funds and build the product from ground up. Our engineers work with our founders to build up a company from scratch. They are in from day 0, and stay with the venture as it scales.

For our ecosystem teams, we are the 'tech partner' for these companies. We own the complete technology process having the entire engineering team together at GoGroup. GoGroup engineers work very closely with the partner company's founders, product managers and other departments. Our work involves brainstorming ideas, discussing best possible solutions and executing them. We continue to monitor and develop the product together as the company evolves.

Are you fully remote?

Some of our teams are remote-first and others work from office some days a week. We have our offices in Noida, India and Berlin, Germany. Everyone is welcome to work from the office.

Do I get to work on more than one product?

Short answer: No. When you join with GoGroup, you typically work on one product together with the rest of your team. However, there can be sub-products. Another case is when the product is finalised and doesn't require any more development. In this case, we would move our engineers to a new team, new product, or new venture. We are always growing!

How can I apply?

Apply from the vacancies listed on this page or email your application to hr@gogroup.co. We will review it as soon as you submit it and get back to you promptly.
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